Why Custom Publishing

Custom publishing allows you to provide content directly to your target audience. Your custom publication serves to enhance your association image, and strengthens existing relationships. Readers appreciate that content is not hard-sell, but that it’s personal, it’s direct, it imparts news your readers can use as well as offer insights and entertainment.

Our process is very straightforward and you can rely on our expertise in project management to deliver a high-quality, full-color, custom magazine. Here are the simple steps taken to produce your magazine.

  • Coordinating printing and mailing
  • Providing hyperlinks of web addresses to the printer for the digital edition
  • Proof check of the hyperlinks before the edition goes online
  • Posting of the edition to your website


  • Coordination and implementation of timeline for each issue
  • Editing and proofing of submitted articles
  • Follow-up on photography for articles with sources and/or search and download stock imagery if needed


  • Development of annual media kit, (rates, spec sheets, and editorial highlights) sent to national and local advertisers
  • Annual maintenance, research and development of the targeted advertiser list
  • Advertising sales and service, which includes emails, phone calls, and procuring signed contracts
  • Follow-up each issue with advertisers for ad artwork due
  • Service to advertisers may include creating ad copy/design, and addition of logo to manufacturer ads

Invoicing, Follow-up

  • Invoice advertisers, follow-up on payments due
  • Provide tear sheets and additional magazines to advertisers, article sources as requested
  • Management of budget, page count, and costs, including printing and mailing services

A division of Ron Sonntag Public Relations, our professional staff is proficient in all aspects of marketing communications.